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At Skull Moto Shop we know that your bike is more than just something that gets you from point A to point B. It represents your freedom, it's your prized possession and part of your lifestyle.

But not everyone has the tools, equipment, shop space, or knowledge to work on their own motorcycle. We can help you with that. Our experts can give you advice and tips for completing your own repairs, using our facility and tools, but with your own hands-on labor. Join us today to find out how fun and rewarding it can be to "Wrench it Yourself!"

At Skull Moto Shop our goal is to provide a clean professional work space with the tools, lifts, and supplies needed to enable our members to perform basic maintenance and repairs on all makes and models of motorcycles. We have basic tools available for all to use, and if you need a specialty tool we may have it, or be willing to buy it if we think it will be useful to the shop. We have a tire changing machine, tire balancer, parts washer, air tools and pro bike lifts available for use. We also sell tires, oil and other parts, accessories and consumables.

We are motorcycle people. That means we care about your motorcycle as much as you do. And together with a growing community of motorcycle enthusiasts that socialize together and share a love of motorcycles and the two wheel lifestyle, we will ensure that you get the advice you need to keep your ride in top shape.

We offer classes in basic motorcycle maintenance, service and repair.

But if you just want to jump right in with your project we can help you find the right repair manual or other information needed and we are always ready to offer helpful advice or even lend an extra hand when needed. 

Join us today!

You ride it yourself...
Wrench it yourself too!
Ride It Like You Can Fix It!

What's Included with Skull Moto Shop Do-It-Yourself?

  • Use of the the community Tools

  • Use of the shop anytime during our regular business hours

  • Advice from expert mechanics with years of experience

  • Access to shop consumables like rags, paper towels, WD-40, Cleaners, etc.

  • Use of our Wi-Fi and high speed internet connection

  • Use of our computer stations, laptops, or tablets

  • Use of our Service and Repair manual collections

  • Hang out in our lounge with HD TV and Cable/Internet TV Channels

  • Access to Members Bar with Sodas, Water, Beer and Liquor

  • Use of our parts washer and portable parts washer

  • Access to K&N Power Tire machine (after training)

  • Discounts on parts in our store or ordered from any of our catalogs

  • Have parts purchased online shipped directily to us

  • Use of our battery tenders and chargers

  • Use of our hydraulic press

  • Use of our grinders, vices, and other fabrication tools

  • We have Mig and Tig welder service available

  • Use of our used oil recycle drums

  • Disposal of old tires

  • We will offer advice on service and repairs when asked

  • We will lend a hand when you need a little help

  • We have specialty tools available when needed

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